Monday, February 9, 2015

5 styles that are HOT RIGHT NOW

Soft Waves
Texture is like an accessory - it transforms your look. To get these full, gorgeous waves, spritz damp roots with a volumizer and blow-dry while using a round brush. Then curl small sections with a midsize iron, leaving ends out. Scrunch with pomade; blend with a wide-tooth comb.

Swingy and Straight
The trick to this not-too-flat take on straight: Skip the flatiron, which can make hair look lifeless. Instead, spritz a volumizer onto damp hair and make a centre part. Grip one-inch sections from the front and the crown with a round brush, and drag from roots to ends with a blow-dryer. (Work with bigger pieces in the back to save time.) Mist with a shine spray for gloss.

The Fashion-Week Special
No time to shampoo? Try this runway-inspired look: Apply a gel to dry hair and smooth it back with a fine-tooth comb. Slip on a wide cotton headband to keep hair in place while you curl the back with a small curling iron. Brush through coils for volume and slip off the band (add pins to hold hair back if necessary). For an even bigger boost, tease the bottom layers.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Bedhead
For this sexy look, follow the same basic steps slide 2. But instead of gripping hair and pulling it straight down, wind it loosely around the barrel of a round brush and hit it with a blow-dryer to get a bit of bend. Then, for volume, spritz dry shampoo onto roots after you blow-dry. Pull hands through hair to distribute product and create texture. Use hairspray to set.

The Quick Slick-Back
Feeling brave? Mix gel with a serum and run it through damp hair, then sleekify with a brush or comb. (If the full wet look is too much, slick into a bun or low pony.)
{Pix: Glamour}

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