Monday, June 20, 2011

hair trend: HAIR HALF UP

For Rodarte's recent collection, hairstylist Odile Gilbert created a side-swept style that 
incorporated a tiny braid on one side. 
To DIY: 
1. Create texture by using a styling foam throughout dry hair, twisting and scrunching strands with your fingers as you blow-dry - stop halfway through to spray in some hair spray. 
2. Make a strong, slightly imperfect part on the left side of your head, leaving a large section sweeping across your forehead. 
3. Bring together two-inch pieces from either side of the part into a very small braid over your right ear and secure the ends with a clear elastic. 
4. Pin any long pieces unobtrusively in place, by tucking the ends into the braid. 
5. Keep the windblown look from falling out by finishing with a heavy coating of hair spray.

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