Tuesday, August 23, 2011

day & night PONYTAILS

For Day {above}...
To diy: Loosely tong your hair to give it some wave and movement. Gather it up into a low ponytail, leaving the front sections free, to frame your face. Once secured with a band, take a small section of the hair in the ponytail and wind it around the band, to conceal it. Pin the end of the hair with a bobby pin, pinning it behind the base of the ponytail.

... and Night {below}
To diy: Style your hair as if you were wearing it wavy and down (curling iron, hot rollers, night-before braid - your choice) then weave it in sections a few times and pull it back with a clear elastic ever so gently, by your shoulders. All your hair doesn't need to be completely in the ponytail holder, which helps give it that romantic vibe. If you want to go there, leave a section of hair beneath the ponytail out and slip a few hairpins in there in order to keep the section of hair and ponytail adjoined.
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