Wednesday, August 31, 2011

return of THE FRINGE

You may be asking if the fringe never really went away, and how has it changed in 2011? 
The answer is, it hasn’t really. It’s still best worn thick, blunt, and long (sweeping the top of the eyes preferably). And it’s still best worn in one of the following ways: with a messy, neo-bohemian, grungy edge with an aura of ’60s sex-kitten nonchalance (think Francoise Hardy or Jane Birkin) straight and sleek; elegant but still natural. 
Hair cuts to wear it with 
The bob 
 When we talk about fringed bobs its easy to think of 1920s style cuts like the Louise Brooks. But not so in 2011; now the fringe is the perfect accompaniment to a longer bob (think Abbey Lee Kershaw, below). Again this can work perfectly for a sixties-inspired look, 
or for a grungy messy look. 
The short crop 
 A pixie crop is also perfect with a fringe in 2011, but a slightly different type of fringe. Rather than being cut separate to the rest of the hair, it should all be a continuous; the crop simply cut longer in front to create the effect of the fringe. 
 Long hair 
 This rather goes without saying: bangs are perfect for hair shoulder length or longer, particularly when hair is naturally straight or with a slight wave.
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