Wednesday, October 19, 2011

celebrity SHORT CUTS

Here's some celeb 'short hair' inspiration...
Cate Blanchett's style is a classic shape, but what makes it feel new are the rounded layers that impart a soft, swingy quality.  This cut softens the jawline but accentuates a round face, and it works whether hair is straight or curly—just not too thick.

Evan Rachel Wood's cut is short above her ears, with choppy layers that go from her bangs to her nape. Cut squarely at the sides and back, the layers on top are razored, which softens this look when tousled with wax. This works if hair is fine to medium and wavy or straight, but looks rounded if it's curly.

Halle Berry's cut is a modernized version of a pixie - it's squarer on the sides and longer on top. It's also cut at random so the layers all vary in length which softens her cheekbones and brings out her eyes.
 It's perfect for wavy, curly, or coarse hair—any thinner can look too spiky.

Ashlee Simpson's cut is layered pixie cut to the shape of the head, leaving length at the forehead, nape of the neck, and sides. She has a heart-shaped face, so keeping the hair a little  longer and adding side-swept bangs balances her jawline.

{Source: Allure}

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