Monday, December 5, 2011

hair trend: SCARVES

{And a great way to protect your hair at the beach!}

To diy: First style your hair into a messy top knot. Then, fold a brightly coloured square scarf (minimum 70x70cm) into a triangle. Starting with the tip of the triangle, fold the tip and 10cm of the fabric down so the scarf is in the shape of a trapezium. Continue folding the scarf until you have a long, narrow band. Place the centre of the scarf at the nape of the neck and bring both ends to the top of the head. Holding both ends with one hand, pin the scarf in place behind both ears using contoured bobby pins the same colour as your hair. Once pinned, cross the ends of the scarf over and wind them back to the nape of the neck. 

For smaller scarves, tightly double knot the ends then tuck them under the headscarf. For larger scarves, bring then ends back to the forehead then knot and tuck.

{Source: Vogue}

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