Tuesday, January 28, 2014

the perfect CUT FOR YOU

Choose your face-shape, then choose your perfect cut...

OVAL FACE: This classic face shape can pull off any look. Keeping this in mind, use your hairstyle to create an illusion of the perfect oval by balancing out the proportions.

 HEART-SHAPED: The narrowing of the face can be balanced with the extra volume of a layered bob, which tends to flick out at chin level. 

SQUARE FACE: Soften up edges with a style that breaks up the symmetry. Try playing with off-centre partings, graduated layers and big, soft curls. 

ROUND FACE: Soft, feathery cuts will layers coming forward onto the face can look sexy and stylish... and can also slim down a fuller face. 

LONG FACE: A fringe helps to disguise a long forehead, while a chin- or shoulder- length style manages to add volume and broadens the face.

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