Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hair inspiration: ALEXA CHUNG

There are 3 key elements to creating Alexa’s look: colour, cut and simply styling, here's how to her look:

 STEP ONE: COLOUR Alexa may have been one of the first A-List celebs to adopt the highly popular balayage look.
For a subtle look just like Alexa opt for a shade that is 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair colour. 

 STEP TWO: CUT Want to nail Alexa’s style? Then it is time to cut your hair! Alexa’s signature chin length hair is accompanied by her trademark centre part and softly layered shaggy bob. The fringe accentuates her eyes and finishes the look perfectly. Ask your stylist to look at your face shape and structure to advise you on what length bob and fringe would best suit your personal features.

 STEP THREE: STYLE Step 1. To recreate Alexa’s signature casually messy do wrap the middle lengths of your hair around a curling wand, ensuring you leave the ends free. Hold the hair around the wand for 5 seconds before releasing. Step 2. Continue this step with the rest of your hair, sectioning hair randomly and without any consistency regarding section thicknesses. Step 3. When you have lightly curled all of your hair (remember you are avoiding the roots and the ends) lightly run your fingers through your hair to mess up the finished look.
  Step 4. Spray a light spritz of hairspray over your tresses to lock this style into place. 

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