Thursday, April 19, 2012

hair trend: THE INDIE FRINGE

and getting the perfect cut!

In 2012 there are several ways to wear your fringe and the Indie fringe is one of the big trends. Messy, scruffy even if you will, but in that devil-may-care way that looks like you’ve perpetually just rolled out of bed. It’s youthful, carefree with a grungy edge. 

Here's how to wear and style the Indie Fringe...

* This style works best if your hair is straight, or a bit wavy.

* Slight waves can add to the tousle of the look, but anything more will require regular straightening, so only make the cut if you’re prepared to spend time styling it.

* The thicker the fringe the better. If your hair is thin consider that the fringe will have to be quite deep (i.e. start from far back on the crown) in order to achieve thickness.

* Don’t go for wispy layers – as with fringes generally in 2012, a blunt cut is best.

* Length-wise you want below the eyebrows or just sweeping the eyes. The rest of the hair can be bobbed or long – the key is just to keep it relatively straight but tousled.

* Use a texturising product to get that messy effect even on cleanly washed hair.

* For a styling variation messily curtain the hair from the centre sweeping out.

To make an appointment to get yourself an Indie Fringe, 
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