Monday, March 30, 2015


here's some inside info that will make your decision a success...

If you have a SQUARE FACE:
WHY A FRINGE WORKS: A long, eye-grazing fringe that is tapered on the sides can add a soft element to square face shapes.

WHAT TO ASK FOR: A heavy fringe like this needs to hit the right place, otherwise, it can easily overwhelm your face. Ask your stylist to snip your fringe just below the brows, leaving the heaviest pieces on the sides so they don’t mask your eyes. The centre strands can be feathery as a little forehead peeking through is ideal.

If you have a ROUND FACE:
WHY FRINGE WORKS: A gently arching fringe can compliment soft, feminine features.

WHAT TO ASK FOR: A fringe can make a circular face appear even fuller, so the right cut is key. Request a graphic, curved shape, which will flatter your bone structure—and be sure the fringe is thick. Wispy versions won't have the same impact.

If you have a HEART-SHAPED FACE:
WHY FRINGE WORKS: A heart-shaped face can be a little top heavy so a sideswept fringe can have a balancing effect and draw the attention down and towards the eyes.

WHAT TO ASK FOR: A layered, feathered fringe. The shortest pieces should hit the arch of your eyebrows; the longest should meet the outer corners of your eyes.

If you have an OVAL FACE:
WHY FRINGE WORKS: Nearly any fringe works with an oval-shaped face, but these airy, pin-straight ones accentuate the prettiest parts of the face without feeling bulky.

WHAT TO ASK FOR: Ask for a fringe that hits between the brow and the eyelash and is longer on the edges - that way, you can wear them swept aside or straight with a middle part.

If you have a HIGH FOREHEAD:
WHY FRINGE WORKS: A swingy fringe like this has a two-fold effect: The thickness works to conceal the forehead while the gradual angle opens and widens the face.

WHAT TO ASK FOR: A heavy sideswept fringe that start in the centre of the forehead and tapers diagonally to a cheek-grazing length. Be advised: This fringe starts behind your natural hairline, but that's okay. Because it's so substantial, you'll need the extra weight.

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