Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cut inspiration: MICHELLE WILLIAMS

in these pix from Elle and in this behind-the-scenes clip - just gorgeous!
If you're inspired by her cute crop, here’s a few things to consider before you commit to the chop...

1. Think about it; sleep on it; and think about it some more - never get your hair cut when you’re not entirely sure about it.

2. Have a consultation with your hairdresser - that way there’s no risk, no pressure and no cost. Take a few pictures of your dream style and tell your hairdresser what you want from the new cut, like if you wish it to be low maintenance.

3. When you make the final decision, don’t look. When your hairdresser starts the big chop, ask to face away from the mirror - it will help you to stop freaking out.

4. Revel in your new sexy look - and if you think you’ve made a huge mistake, just keep reminding yourself that it will grow back, thicker and healthier.

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1 comment:

  1. I wish we all could look as cute as she looks in this hairstyle. I think I'm gonna try this too. Hope it suits on me!


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