Monday, September 3, 2012


so we thought we'd share how to get her look:

 Rosie’s hair cut: The key to really good, long hair like Rosie’s is to cut the hair all one length and not layer too much, as it can become too thin at the ends. Invisible layering gives Rosie’s hair really gentle layers and slicing through the ends, removing weight and gives it a beachy look that really flows. Also, a grown-out fringe is essential for Rosie’s hair – cut at nose length.

 On length: Long hair like Rosie’s needs to be looked after, good shampoos and treatments all help. Regular trims, no longer than 12 weeks apart – that is the maximum, never go longer than that even if you’re growing it, just have a tiny trim. Make sure your colour isn’t wrecking your hair; it’s got to be healthy from root to tip.  

 On colour: Rosie’s hair is baliaged - free-hand technique where gentle colour is painted on through the ends. If you want long hair like Rosie’s you need to avoid using too much bleach, a more natural colour with a lower peroxide level will ensure your hair isn’t wrecked by the colour. 

 On styling: Blow-dry your fringe forward and bevel it under slightly at the end, do this and it will give you that Bardot fringe she has. To get it wavy and beachy, use waving tongs. Rough dry your hair 100%, then section it into its natural parting. Next tong the hair, but leave the roots and tips out, to stop it from looking too polished. Use a hair serum to moisturise, separate and add shine to the hair once it’s styled, plus it adds weight to pull the curl down slightly giving it that beachy look.

{Source: Elle UK}

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