Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 hair trend: SIDE-PARTED BED-HEAD HAIR

TREND FOR 2013...
The hair is side parted with a little bit of a messy wave to it and just might be the easiest do-it-yourself hairstyle as it only involves a few easy steps and very little product!

Here's the how-to-do's:
1. Start with a clean head of hair, drying it straight but not straight that it’s sleek. The look here that you’re creating is bed hair so natural texture and waves can be be maintained whether you have short or long hair.

2. Once your hair is completely dry, dampen it with a leavein, volumising spray. Rough dry your hair again using just your fingers, ensuring that you lift your roots a bit to create volume. It’s not 1960s-style volume that you’re looking to create, but rather volume of the ‘just out of bed’ variety.

3. Create a natural side part – there’s right or wrong side for this interpretation of bed hair, simply select whichever parting suits you.

4. Using your hand, section off the part of the front of your hair that going to frame your face. This section will sweep across your face opposite the side part. It mightn’t cover it as extremely as it does for Cara Delevingne in the photo above, but it’s likely that it will naturally fall across part of your face.

5. Roll this front section into pin curls. Use duckbill clips to hold it in place. Leave it for a while so that a subtle wave is created.

6. Repeat the above two steps for the different sections of your hair side from the front. You’ll want to create pin curls opposite your side part and on the rear of your head.

{Source: fashionising}

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