Monday, February 18, 2013

insider info FRIZZ FIGHTERS

How to fight the frizzies:

1. STAY HYDRATED. Frizz occurs when dry hair absorbs water from the air, but cream-based moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can prevent it—just be sure to rinse well so hair doesn't look dull or greasy. And lather up only a few times a week: the natural oils that accumulate in the meantime are good frizz-fighters.

2. DRY THE RIGHT WAY. To keep waves smooth, apply styling lotion to damp hair, then let it air-dry—and resist the urge to tousle. The more you put your hands through it, the more likely you are to create frizz. To make straight hair sleek, point the dryer toward the ends— "going against the grain, even a little, can cause frizz. And keep blow-drying until every bit of dampness is gone.

3. COAT WITH CAUTION. Use silicone drops or spray to combat frizz, but don't overdose. Apply a drop or spritz to your palms first, then rub them together and pat them over frizz, starting at the ends and working toward the crown (you can always add more later).

4. OIL WELL. To further ward off frizz, give your hair a twice-weekly oil treatment (pros like jojoba oil). Work about a tablespoon through dry hair, first with your hands, then with a synthetic-bristle paddle brush (boar bristles would just soak up the oil). Leave it on for as long as possible before shampooing as usual; even five to ten minutes helps.

5. CUT AND COLOUR CORRECTLY. Avoid overlayering, which makes short pieces stick out and get fuzzy. If you have coarse or curly hair, stay away from razor cuts, as they rough up the cuticle and exacerbate frizz. By contrast, nearly blunt cuts can help weigh down frizz. As for colour, steer clear of a full head of highlights or a solid blonde: bleaching deteriorates the outer layer of the hair, making it coarser and frizzier.

{Source: Allure}

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