Monday, March 25, 2013

3 top styling tips for YOUR TOPKNOT

Try these  3 easy top tips...

Tip 1: Backcomb your ponytail to create a bigger, more secure bun. If your hair is slippery straight or on the fine side, this is especially helpful. A little bit of teasing not only creates the illusion of more hair, it gives it enough grip to stay up all day or night. 

Tip 2: Jackknife the bobby pins into your hair to keep it in place. If you're using bobby pins to create the bun, here's how to make it super secure: Push the feet of the bobby pin up through the edge of the bun and then jackknife the bobby pin back down, towards the centre of the bun. 

Tip 3: Wrap or tuck the bun tightly and then loosen it a bit with your fingers. Most of us want a little bit of fuzz or messiness in an updo, but if you start messy, your topknot {or whatever type of bun you're creating} will get really messy by the end of the night. Start with a tighter, more secure bun and then loosen strands lightly with your fingers to make it look less perfect.

{Source: Glamour / Pic: Pinterest}

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