Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 insider tricks to STOP YOUR HAIR BREAKING

here are 5 insider tricks that can help stop the breakage factor!

1. Mix up your styles Don't do your ponytail in the same spot every time as there's always a risk of breakage with repeat styling. To help, vary pony position, and use gentle fabric bands.

2. Customise your water temperature Heat is great for cleansing, to help cut grease and oil ~ but since high temps leave hair vulnerable, rinse out your conditioner with cool water, and blast with cold air after drying, to seal the cuticle.

3. Let hair air-dry It's a good idea to take a hot-tool vacation whenever possible. Maintain control over your style while hair dries by clipping it in place. To avoid dents, slide a playing card or some
folded paper towel between the clip and your hair.

4. Change your part Alarming news: If you part your hair in the same place all the time, the part can actually get wider. Yep, years of constant pulling and stress create hair loss, so move yours sometimes!

5. Squeeze-dry—don't towel-dry! Rubbing wet hair with a towel can rip the cuticle so gently squeeze sections instead or use a T-shirt to dry your hair.

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