Thursday, May 28, 2015

how to dry your hair, fast!

high speed hair
Here are some high-speed hair taming-tricks that will save you time...

 * For a quick blow-dry, first squeeze hair dry with a towel, then flip your head upside down. Hold your hairdryer, which has at least 1600 watts of power, about 10cm away from your hair and use your hands to move your hair around. 

 * Change your part to add height and volume. At the end of the day, flipping hair to the other side to create a new part instantly makes it look fuller and thicker. * Never underestimate the power of the ponytail. When all else fails – a sleek or messed-up version of the ponytail is always a good look. 

 * Wash your hair with colour-enhancing shampoos to brighten fading hair inbetween colour appointments - they give your locks an instant new lease of colour and shine. 

 {Pic: Byrdie}

Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 insider tricks to STOP YOUR HAIR BREAKING

here are 5 insider tricks that can help stop the breakage factor!

1. Mix up your styles Don't do your ponytail in the same spot every time as there's always a risk of breakage with repeat styling. To help, vary pony position, and use gentle fabric bands.

2. Customise your water temperature Heat is great for cleansing, to help cut grease and oil ~ but since high temps leave hair vulnerable, rinse out your conditioner with cool water, and blast with cold air after drying, to seal the cuticle.

3. Let hair air-dry It's a good idea to take a hot-tool vacation whenever possible. Maintain control over your style while hair dries by clipping it in place. To avoid dents, slide a playing card or some
folded paper towel between the clip and your hair.

4. Change your part Alarming news: If you part your hair in the same place all the time, the part can actually get wider. Yep, years of constant pulling and stress create hair loss, so move yours sometimes!

5. Squeeze-dry—don't towel-dry! Rubbing wet hair with a towel can rip the cuticle so gently squeeze sections instead or use a T-shirt to dry your hair.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Here's how to break-free from everyday hair...

BOND WITH YOUR HAIRDRESSER Book a consultation before making any drastic decisions. Listen to the stylist’s recommendations and see if you’re comfortable with him/her before making an appointment. Also take into account the hairdresser's own hair, it's a good indication of the result you'll achieve.

 TAKE PICTURES OF STYLES YOU LIKE Look for pictures of models or celebrities with similar bone structure and be realistic, if the model or celeb has small features and long hair, and you have strong features and short hair, the style isn’t going to work.

 UPDATE LONG HAIR If you’ve had long hair forever, have a few centimetres snipped off - long hair can drag down your features. Having layers or a fringe cut, or a halo-colouring effect, can lift features and instantly take years off.

STILL WALKING ON THE DARK SIDE? As you get older, black or dark brown hair starts to throw unflattering shades on your face. You can still have dark hair but update it with carefully placed highlights to soften the effect and break up any re-growth.

 HIGHLIGHT OVERKILL A build-up of highlights ends up looking one-dimensional and can make hair look thinner. Adding depth cleans up skin tones and creates different textures so light will bounce off the hair. The result is child-like - youthful hair.

DON’T FALL INTO A ROUTINE Try subtle changes to keep you and your hairdresser interested - and your hair interesting.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

hair crush: HALF UP / HALF DOWN

and pretty-perfect for any length hair + if you're growing out your fringe, this is THE style for you!

Here's the how-to-do's... 

Step 1: SEPARATE Take the top section of your hair, an inch or two above your ears, and gather it into a ponytail. 

Step 2: LOOP IT Next, just loop an elastic around this section of hair, as if you were making a ponytail. On the last twist, don’t pull the pony all the way through and allow it to sit in a looped shape at the top of your head. Then, take a small section of the ends sticking out and wrap it around the elastic, securing it in place with a bobby pin. 

Step 3: ADD BODY To add bounce and body to this look, using your straightener to randmly curl the left-out layers and a couple of face-framing strands.

Step 4: FINISH WITH TEXTURE Spritz all over with texturising spray and voila, you've done it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


scroll down to check out her style and read the interview where she talks about Beyoncé as an alien and her own non-perfect beauty routine, which includes trimming her own fringe and the importance of exercising your face.

  style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 12style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 3 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 7 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 1 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 5 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 8 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 4 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 6 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 11 style file: CAROLINE DE MAIGRET 14

She the style icon everyone loves. Earlier last year, Lancôme announced a mysterious beauty collaboration with Chanel muse and gorgeous Parisian Caroline de Maigret. (She's such an ideal Parisian that she even wrote a tongue-in-cheek book with three other writers called How to Be Parisian.) But don't call her perfect — de Maigret is insistent that being perfect is a French cliché. Loving her, here's more... 

  What was the joint process like for writing the book? We would gather every week. I’d come and say, “I want to do something on parenting," and everyone would give their stories and ideas. The week after, we would bring back our text and then rewrite it so that everyone was happy. Because sometimes you write things because they sound good, but are not sincere. We’d be like, “Okay, have you really done that?” And someone would be like, “No, but you know …” “So no. Take it out.” 

  What was a cliché that you took out? To be perfect. I think the French realised a long time ago that you can’t be perfect, and the search for perfection is hopeless. [Laughs.] And it applies to life and to men, so not looking for Prince Charming anymore but being happy with life, trying to enjoy what you have, instead of expecting impossible standards. 

  One of the beauty trends of last year was “I woke up like this," which was popularised by Beyoncé. How does that idea relate to French beauty? She’s so lucky! [Laughs.] I didn’t wake up like this! I was very flattered that Lancôme came to me as the woman I am. My beauty doesn’t appeal to everybody, but I am a woman, working and being a mother, and I don’t have the perfect body either. To tell women "It's okay" is nice. This is how we are, let’s get the best out of ourselves, and try to help ourselves with all the toys that we have, like makeup, creams, and books. But I’m fascinated by Beyoncé. She’s a superwoman. But she’s an alien. She is! I’m fascinated by this girl. She dances, she sings, she’s a really hard worker; it’s hours and hours of work. She takes care of herself. She’s always nice. And she’s a feminist — which we like in France. [Laughs.] She’s a strong woman. 

  Why do you think the world is so enraptured with the idea of French beauty? It's the self-confidence and to feel that you’re okay without adding more. It’s more chic. Refinement and elegance are in details, rather than opulence and showing off. But it's funny, we don’t want people to think that we take too much time doing futile or frivolous things. If you arrive with a lot of the hair and makeup, that means you wasted that time while you’re supposed to do something more interesting. We have a tendency to try to do as many natural things as we can. I do a lot of massage and I pinch. There is a massage called pincement jacquet and they pinch your face and it’s really, really good. There is also a trick I learned as a model to move your face using the French voyelles: aoeou, which uses every muscle. "Aoeou. Aoeou." It takes a lot of muscles. The gym is good for the face as well. I mean, why would it work for the body and not for the face, as well? You need to tone the face as well. France is an old country where we were raised with architecture and paintings and so much history behind us. You do grow up with this respect for handcrafted and beautiful things. We’re more in search of something beautiful rather than a lot of things. Instead of being trendy, which is not very interesting, you make a style and become who you are, and the projection of what you want people to see you in. 

  What is your beauty routine like? I always put a firm base for makeup. I like Rénergie Lift from Lancôme, which is very nourishing and very soft. I usually put a lot of mascara (Grandiose), a lot, a lot, a lot, especially on top. I don't put too much under because after a while it falls and pushes the dark circles. Usually, I use brown mascara during the day so it’s not too hard and then darker at night to make it more sexy. I don’t put on foundation, but I put YSL Touche Éclat under the eyes and where I have blemishes or too many bags. I like to put a bit of pink rouge. I really love the Nars one, like Orgasm. It looks real or at least that’s what I want to believe. There’s a really cute balm from Lancôme as well that’s a little shine, but it doesn’t have glitter that I really like. At night, I either put brown and bronze eye shadow to make it a bit sexy. If I don’t do eyes, I only do lips, like just mascara and red lips. A bit of my eccentricity with makeup goes into nail polish. I like orange and blues. I love to play around with colors. Wow, so eccentric. 

  What about for your hair? For my hair, I don’t do anything. I wash it every morning. I get screamed at about that by my hairstylists. I touch my hair so much as I talk, that I feel dirty if I don't. I use supermarket shampoo, which I buy for the smell. I buy Elsève by L’Oréal, the orange bottle and no conditioner. Conditioner makes my hair very slick. I don’t like it. I like for them to look big and a bit messy. Conditioner makes it look too nice. And then I let them air-dry. 

  Do you trim your own fringe? Yes, with kitchen scissors. Every time I let a hairdresser do it, he f**ks it up. Honestly. Either I end up like Bettie Page or if not, it’s just too well-cut and it’s not me. So I have to do it myself. Sometimes I have holes right above my eyes because I only cut to see. It’s ridiculous. And on Sundays, I'll do a hair mask to balance the no conditioner, like Leonor Greyl Jasmine Flower. And at the same time I put a clay mask and look like a ghost for half an hour. My son screams in the apartment like I’m not supposed to look at him for half an hour. 

  What is your hangover cure if you’re not feeling well in the morning? Before going to bed, I take aspirin and drink a lot of water. I always take off my makeup even though I’m really drunk. It really helps the hangover in the morning not to have a completely dry face. I drink some green tea usually in the morning. I put a mask on right away. But I also crave junk food in the morning. I need a burger or something when I’m hung-over. 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


which is perfection, especially if you're time-challenged in the morning! 

 For those of us whose hair falls on the frizzier, curlier, or the flatter end of the spectrum, you can fake natural waves, here's the how-to-do's: First apply a mousse throughout your wet hair, then divide your strands into two or three loose braids, and dry with a diffuser. Finish up by using a medium-barrel curling iron on random strands to define the waves’ shape. Done! 

 {Pic: Byrdie}

Saturday, May 2, 2015

weekend hair: BOHO BRAIDS

easy boho braid
This loose, boho braid is easier than you think to recreate... 

the how-to-do: Create this fat, messy braid by first spraying your hair with dry shampoo to add texture {second-day dirty hair also works a treat}, then simply create a basic, low, loose three-strand braid. Now the trick to the style: Gently knead the braid to loosen it up, allowing front pieces to fall out and frame the face - then, wrap each of these side sections around the centre braid and secure with a clear elastic. So easy and so chic - and perfect day or night! 

 {Pic: Byrdie}
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